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road trip east coast australia backpacker

I’m Heading Up The East Coast of Oz (Again!)

I’ve realised over the last few weeks I’ve slightly neglected to keep you guys in the loop on my own personal travel experiences – I told you all that I was heading on an epic east coast road trip – but since then I’ve not really mentioned it much other than on the Facebook Fanpage and my post on white water rafting the Tully river!

roadtrip australia backpacker
Kicking Back On The Road…

The truth is that me and Scotty made it all the way to Cairns in just over 2 weeks – something that I’d NEVER recommend doing if you intend to backpack Australia – and it was much more of a business contact trip that I had really planned for. Don’t get me wrong me and Scotty fitted in some pretty hectic goon fuelled nights and banter filled drives, but it didn’t leave much room to properly explore places or day some crazy day trips in.

I however did get to meet some of the amazing hostel owners that run the east coast backpacker trail and I’m currently putting together an epic East Coast Guide showcasing the best places I stayed and it’ll hopefully serve as a handy pocket guide if you’re planning an adventure to this part of the world.

And in a weird mash of coincidence I also managed to catch up with my old boss from STA Travel for a night of goon fuelled mayhem in Gilligans up in Cairns, which was well worth the trip!


Heading Up…AGAIN!

So when we flew back to Sydney I had a couple of options – I could carry on through to Melbourne with him, or I could explore a bit more of Australia before leaving in a months time.

road trip east coast australia backpacker
Road Trip Time!

In actual fact this decision was only made 24 hours before flying back down – when 2 of my travel buddies from Raglan, New Zealand sent me a text.

They had bought a car a week or so earlier and I was planning on meeting them in Byron Bay later this month. However backpackers will be backpackers and after some hectic nights out in Sydney town (which I’m told involved a few lovely surfer guys!) they had failed to actually get their road trip started and invited me along for the ride up the east coast if I wanted to road trip.

And of course I couldn’t say no to that – especially given the shit, 12 hour bus journey to the Bay I experienced last time, which broke down just 40 minutes south of Byron and took over 16 hours in the end!

I also bumped into one of my buddies Sammy from my days working in Byron who after just a single night in Sydney was already planning his return and they offered him a lift too! (although that night was spent checking out the amazing Sydney Vivid Festival which I showcased in pics yesterday)

So over the last few days we’ve been bumbling up the east coast again – in a tiny little Holden Nova packed to the brim with sweaty backpacker bodies, too much luggage and not enough money!


Byron Bound

And like all good road trips we’ve been taking a good share of detours and we’ve taken the time to break the journey up – stopping in at Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour before reaching the hidden gem of Yamba today – which I’m already heaps excited about putting together a blog post on as it’s already found a solid place in my backpacker itinerary!

surfing in byron bay gopro
Either Way Surf Is The Priority Again!

This time around though I’m not heading the full way up the east coast again (thank god for that as I’m totally road tripped out at the moment!) but I shall be doing one of two things;

A) If Yamba continues to impress me and deliver the surf I’ve been told about I’ll stick around here for a while

B) Head back to Byron Bay, set up shop in Aquarius Hostel for a month and enjoy life in the Bay again!

…basically the next month of my Australia trip will be spent catching up on blog stuff, relaxing, partying and most importantly cramming in as much surfing as I possibly can before the next leg of my adventure – which may or may not also involve some surfing goodness!

Yup, the next month is going to be at a much slower pace, consider it almost a holiday from a holiday!

It’s amazing how the best laid plans (even short term) can go up in the air with a few spontaneous decisions hey?!


In the meantime if you guys are looking at heading to Australia or any kind of backpacking trip feel free to chuck me an email on the contact me page and I’ll help you out the best I can!


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